How to start your Social media strategy in 10 steps.

Everyone can start a basic Social Media plan knowing a few points about your business, competitors, target, and what to say in each social media channel. I’ve worked with clients of different sizes, and for all of them, I’ve reinforced the importance of a social media plan before publishing on any channel. I know that … Continue reading How to start your Social media strategy in 10 steps.

social media small business hugo cukurs

The importance of social media for small business.

With the changes in the consumer behaviour, every day more digital, small businesses can use the social media to attract more clients and promote their products easily. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest or Twitter, it doesn't matter where. Nowadays, it is essential for any business to start communicating with their customers on social media. First of all, you need to understand where your target is, what he is looking for about content. And after, you can define what the best channel and the content strategy to promote your business brand on social media is.