Will the technology replace the creativity?

Since the Industrial Revolution until today, people are excited and scared about technology. Everyone can see the benefits and how much it can make our work easy, so comfortable that we are afraid to be replaced by new technologies. Nowadays, the technology is deeply involved in our work environment with fast computers, incredible machines, and robots that have done almost all the work. And the creative work, can computers replace this kind of work?

The artificial intelligence has developed so much. However, I believe not enough to replace our creativity. Maybe someday in the future, the AI can pass the Turing Test proving that will be possible a computer has a rational and creative thought. There is an experiment in Germany using a robot to paint art as well as Van Gogh. Although, it isn’t an original art. This robot has used an algorithm to help it to learn how to paint these arts without any creative thought. To replace a human it would do more than following patterns, would be necessary create something entirely new.

Although we can’t ignore the technology, it is making us work better and faster. Print advertising looked like art thirty years ago when a simple wrong word could ruin days of work of many professionals, and today can make in hours by one person. Therefore, it is possible to create images that only exist in our imagination with much incredible 3D software or even with Photoshop.

Let’s make the technology work for us! Being smart we can find any possibilities of tools, references, visit different places, and work with people all over the world only with a click. Fast computers can make our life easy earning time for us to think more and better.

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